Saturday, September 16, 2006

I did it....

Thanks Jessica for the info about the wrong blog addresses! Check when you get a chance , just to make sure I finally got it right! My memory is always a challenge so I am normally not too creative and I tend to be somewhat repetitive.....sooo I just guessed at your blogs ( ha ha) ! When you gave it to me , I had just immediately saved it on my favorites.....and the rest is HISTORY!

Hows the MK sales going? Did you hit your goal? I hope so.
Well, I'd better tomorrow and NO blogging ( man, that's beginning to sound like a dance)......that should tell you how tired I am!
Love you all, bye

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Jessica said...

My sales were GREAT! I sold $1025 retail in 3 days! I definetly met my goal and that designer handbag is MINE!! Woohoo!!! The websites are working now! Good job girley!