Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Self-Proclamation of a vacation from Blogging.....

I hereby proclaim myself on vacation until at least mid September!!!
I have decided to abort the blog world
(unless something happens that I can't help but blog about)

Sunday, July 29, 2007

They're excited....

The one thing that is consistent in all these pictures are that Dusty here likes to be in every pose. He then gets really excited when you show him the picture....He's the baby all right!
They are BOTH showing off...Dusty is sporting a red short sleeved shirt with a slightly wet diaper (which he looks very proud of) and Brooke is wearing the finished product.
I added lace to the bottom and made a purse.
Dusty is now sporting a thumb with his wardrobe.....;-)
Hey, y'all, thank so much for all the encouragement! I love you all and hopw that all is going well with you.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Our "Special" evening.

The girls were allowed to dress up with "just" their dress up clothes on for this special evening of pampering and they were playing it up if you couldn't tell!
These are my Prince's and Princesses!
I was their waitress...
The Menu:
Mint Tea and Ice cream
Sean (who was very happy and bragged to the girls that he was "sir". It's what I called him)
anyways, he totally played into his role as Prince and asked for Peanut Butter and Choco Chips to go on his ie cream.
the girls just sat back and enjoyed. lol!

Orginizing madness

Mary Kay drawer
My hall closet was a disaster (I will NOT post a pic of it), but NOW.....
I'm burnt out, but happy!

These are my "modest" collection of cook books.

I organized these too.

After 2 years of living here I finally threw away all my bottles and "things" that were in this drawer. Don't get to thinking that this is normal for me or that my whole house looks this way...I'm just going crazy!

I would never be so foolish as to shew you my other drawers until I could call it an "after" picture.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I'm at it again....

Front of culottes
I have to say it is easier to copy a pair I already have than to use a pattern (EXcluding the instructions of course!!!)
Back view
Except for the Button/Zipper dilemma I have finally completed the dress.
I absolutely LOVE my garage sale deal!!
I was using a TV tray for a sewing table and ))))ouch(((( That hurt a lot!
This is a perfect height.
Thank you all for reading My story below. I had so many people comment that it just made my day! To answer 1 question....My parents really like him!! And Jason is the best Husband in the whole world! He is very sweet!

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