Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Romantic update.....TMI

Jason was very sweet last Saturday.
He let me go shopping with a friend ALL morning and
we went out to eat at Olive Garden and garage sale shopping.
While I was out Jay was taking the kids all over creation .
They had a blast at the A.N.P.A.C. Car show for kids!
N-E-ways down to the cute stuff...
When he met me at home he gave me 3 red Roses and some red and yellow carnations!
Jay is sooo cool...
there are many times that he'll help with supper,clean,take the kids places,etc.!
My all time favorite is when he gets me a bath ready (book and food included) and/or
a Back Massage ..Ahhhhhh!
Ya, know it's a dirty rotten shame that I don't remember these
things when we have disagreements(grrr)
(Sniff...sniffle.....sigh, but that's life ;-)
Making up after is always way too much FUN! lol

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Amber said...

awww... what a sweet husband you have...! Sounds alot like mine!! Last nite I had to go do some stuff, while he stayed here with the kids, and when I came home, he had cleaned the house and did the dishes for me!!! It's so nice we have hubby's that will help us out!
Love, Amber :)
-and yes it's fun making up too!!!-