Monday, October 16, 2006

Another cute saying

Brooke was in he back seat while I was driving and after we went through a green light she said..." Step on it Momma!"> that's my girl
She takes after me and my Mom


Jessica said...

lol...I bet you did step on it too! Very funny. Hmmm...wonder where she learned to say something like that??? lol Jess
BTW-I noticed you have rejoined the ranks of word verification! lol...I just had a friend get a spam comment on her site. It was trying to sell something. I don't want those. Later!!

Anonymous said...

Hey rach... that is funny about your little girl. My son told me the other day when we was in the Jeep, "mama, you're a crazy driver!" hehe.. ANd he's always saying "come on cars" :) Must be those rides w/ his daddy! *wink*


Amanda said...

Well, I'm always grrrrrrring at the other drivers on the road (especially when I'm in a hurry). One day, Ellie said, "what? mommy..."- after I grrrrrrred at someone. So I said, "I wish all these slow pokes would get out of my way!!" She quickly agreed, and said "yeah, slow pokes need to get out of our way, cuz we're fast pokes." I was no longer irritated - only histarically laughing. Kids are great!

Talk to ya later - love,

Rach said...

You all have awesome stories and even better kids. Thanks for the laughter!Love ya'll