Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Attention MOMs

Please take a moment to visit my new link...
Phallin's organic store!
You may find it interesting.
Many people , due to their children's allergy's
(or many other reasons )
Find ORGANIC the way to go!
Phallin,as some of you may know,
has had a Daughter who has had cancer and is now(Praise God)
in remission. Phallin has started her own business
promoting natural products of all kinds.
She has found this to be extremely helpful
(along with a diet change!)!
Please keep their family in your prayers.
Phallin visits our Blogs often and is a great source of encouragement to all mothers who have to go through
some very hard situations!
Please pass her web site on to your acquaintances who would
be interested in any of her All Natural products!
thank you!
With lots of love, Rach


mariescottage said...

Hey Rach,
Your so sweet-that was so thoughtful of you-thanks for the promotion and kind encouragement.

Amanda said...

I'll check it out - sounds good - can't hurt to be more healthy!

TTYL - Amanda