Monday, October 02, 2006

He's soo cute!


Amanda said...

Okay, I was half way through this post when I got shut down....grrr. Um, you are posting a bunch today!! I love your pics - can never get enough of those.
The ladies retreat was sooooo much fun. Amber and I stayed up until 5am talking (so much for all that rest!) We just couldn't stop for some reason - I think it had to do with not getting interrupted 1000 times by children needing something or hurting something...hehehe
Anyway - a garage sale won't bother me none - I love garage salein! hehe - I can't wait to see ya'll this weekend! It is going to be sooooooo fun! See ya later!

Jessica said...

AW...Ty hasn't rolled over yet..when did Dusty start doing that?

Amber said...

This is a cute picture!! Brooklynn get's on her side and she's rolled over a couple of times, but not all the time yet. I remember Gavin started crawling at 6 months. But I told Brook'n she can take all the time in the world! :) Great pics!! Love, AMber

Jessica said...

Hey never comment back girl...what's up with that? I need to know when Dusty rolled over!!! haha Lata, Jess

Rach said...

Dusty rolled over at about 3 mo. , but not all the time until approx. 5mo.! He's so lazy , brooke was my earliest to roll . She was 3 weeks, but she also waited to do it all the time when she was 3mo. WOW! The kids are all extremely different! Jess was crawling and "whistling" when she was 6.5 and 7 mo! Dusty on the other hand is 9.5 mo. and he barely crawls!
What fun they all are!