Thursday, October 12, 2006

Jess and Amanda

Yes, that picture of the Baby touching his toes remined me of Ty! I thought it was so cute. I had gone online and copied alot of free clip art . I found some pretty funny ones!
Thanks for all the comments on my "P" post! It hasn't met me yet , but I'm sure it will> I am still having a hard time getting on track! As my mom would say "It's that 4Th born" ( I was the 4Th in my family) Mom had a beautiful way of blaming all malfunctioning parts on me ( her last) and now I have the same pleasure of tormenting Dusty and blaming him for all of my maladies ( ha ha ha!)! Poor, little soul!LOL

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Jessica said...

Amanda captured Ty putting his little toes into his mouth for the FIRST time today! WOOHOO!