Wednesday, October 04, 2006

MK update

I just did my first ONLINE order!!! My customer registered a week ago
and I sent her an a-card 2 days ago and NOW (last night) she made an online order !!!!! YEAH!!!!! whohooo! I ( thanks to Jess) have now entered a new realm of The MK world !


Amanda said...

HELLO!! You are so lucky!! What a romantic and creative date ya'll had...count your blessings!! & keep naming them one by one - cuz then you can be a blessing to the rest of us!!

Anyway, we are planning on leaving our house on Saturday morning - not too early, but not real late. I'm thinking we will be rolling in a bit past lunch time, so we may just grab a fast food lunch on the way there, then find our way to ya'lls house.

I do need your address so I can look up a yahoo map or mapquest. We generally do pretty well finding places as long as we have a map to go by. Works pretty good for us.

I'll be calling you later today or tomorrow...I promise!! TTYL!!

Amanda said...

I still have one more giggle..............ha ha ha ha........
Okay, I'm really done this time...

BTW - I will be calling you tomorrow!! ha ha ha
Love ya!!

Jessica said...

You're so onry Amanda...but I'm still laughing too!