Sunday, October 15, 2006

My childrens cute and not so cute sayings

Brooke-----" I am going to go pooh pooh momma , OK? I'm going to go SO much pooh pooh that you just won't believe it!"
Brooke (again)----" my (you-know-what) is like chocolate" You guessed it , I gagged and laughed on this one!
Jess and Brooke was talking yesterday about Jess helping Daddy with the firewood and Brooke did her typical thing and discussed about 5 topics in one conversation,..." Jess, we CAN'T help Daddy get dressed(Jess said OF COURSE) and Brooke went on to tell Jess that she saw Daddy wear shorts when he went swimming.She said that she looked at Daddy but she told Jess that she DIDN'T LAUGH!" (this conversation is so funny for 2 reasons 1-remember how it started and how many times that she switched topics 2-I bet Jay was awful glad that she didn't laugh!ha ha!
I asked Sean to help Mommy by going to go get Dusty's Bottle(I thought that he knew it was in the living room)...well, a little while later I heard him screaming for me . I went to go find him and after a while I found him IN Dusty's CRIB!!! He FELL in while trying to get the bottle!lol

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