Monday, October 16, 2006

Read this if you read Jay's story

Jason had a good one on me! He sent it to me with the impression that it really happened and I NOW find out that he has had too much time on his hands during lunch!!! LOL! What a goober!
I think that we should start co-writing comedy books...WASN'T IT A GREAT STORY....AND CAN'T YOU IMAGINE THIS HAPPENING TO JAY!?


Jessica said...

Wow...did he really make up that story because that was awfully detailed for a guy. lol...I got a kick out of it though! Jess

Terry said...

Hi Ya Rachel..
Just popping in to say hi!
Things have been so busy these days I hardly get a chance to visit anyone's blog other than Morgans. Her's because I am waiting along with all the rest of you to hear about Jo's baby!!
Anyways, I hope to read all about "Jay" with in the next few days when I have a little more time and I also want to ask you about your parents if they know any of the same people that I know in Brandon, Manitoba.
Well catch you later girl... Love from Terry, The Manitoba Gopher!!

Amanda said...

In case you didn't read my blog today...that story is too funny!! Surely he didn't make up the WHOLE thing. There must be some truth to it to start the whole idea.

Oh well, good job on your weigh in...(sigh) - we just got home from eating at Rib Crib - all you can eat ribs!! I am so full - but oh how I love ribs! Yummy! Another five pounds I'm sure...yikes.

Talk to ya later!

Rach said...

Hey,guys, yes he did make the WHOLE thing up ( except for the fact that he did pick up the envelope like he said, just not with all the details). I am married to such a goober! i told him that we should co-write a book...what fun! He said that he wasn't imaginitive or quick enough....isn't that a laugh!?

Hi, tracy, thanks for writing. i haven't heard you enter the Blog world in a while? How have you been?

Hi Amanda and Jess! I'm glad that you could laugh at my husbands expense (ha ha) and not mine for once!lol