Monday, October 09, 2006


Hey, everyone! and welcome to " romantic thoughts ".(blush)
I was wondering how all y'all felt about sharing some cute/romantic ideas?
Jess mentioned reading 'Romancing your husbands' and
I like finding awesome ideas about wooing my spouse....
after all "you only live once" (borrowed that quote from Amanda)!
How do you feel about sharing some ideas and/or me posting things I find on this blog?
They have to be appropriate! But, I'm not concerned about that!
If your all up to it then let me know!
I would love to because that is something that I find to be soooooo
much fun! I most definitely want this site to uplift other christian woman.
I know that their may be a few Christians who find this topic taboo,and I do not want
to offend any woman by my postings, but I
truly believe that God kept Songs of Solomon in the bible for a reason! he he!
If I don't get any rejections , then I'll start posting stuff periodically.
I will always title them " romance"or some such topic....just to warn you!
Have any of you tried the Scavenger date?
(I know a few of you will know what this is)
Basically you take a few envelopes and leave them different places ( sometimes out of the home,like glove compartments and restaurants,etc. and other times in the home).Each one will have a clue or direct directions as to where to find the next clue! (what fun) what you leave in the envelopes is up to you.
I've heard that a few good ideas are : love notes, Lingerie, directions to a special meeting place,hotel, etc. ! He is suppose to follow the direction and essentially
meet you somewhere (even if it's just to another room) for a Romantic Rondevou!
I hope to do this sometime it sounds like a blast!
It sure would let him know that you love him and was thinking of him!

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