Monday, October 09, 2006


Mayday.....(beep) (beep)......Mayday!

We officially have an ouchy in the house!

Miss. DRAMA queen ( a.k.a. Jessica) is going way overboard

on this one....apparently she was swinging her arms and bumped

into the Flag pole holder outside and it got scratched.

Jay overheard her tell her friend ( quite bravely ..I might add) that

her ouchy was "almost" bleeding ( withOUT a tear in her eye).

Well, I guess since then(5 min. ago) a sliver of red started to appear.

Well, can only imagine the tears and mournful cries then.

She wanted US to turn the light ON so that we could get a BETTER look at it ! lol


Needless to say, she isn't getting bandaged up YET, because she's having to learn a lesson on OVER- DRAMATIZING!

She's so sweet natured that she sometimes can go a little overboard!

My poor baby! ( according to the last pic, you can tell how injured she was )
As soon as I mentioned a pic of her ouchy she jumped at the chance!
What a recovery!


Amanda said...

SOOOOOOORRRRYYYYYY!!!! Okay, just so you know, I was kicking myself after we left for forgetting to take any pictures while we were there...but I have a good excuse!

We had so little time together that I was very focused on our visit rather than thinking about pictures!! (wink) So, that was the problem - not enough time...I am still trying to convince the hubby to let us stop back through, so we can take some pics (PLUS we have to return Jessica's piggy tail holder to her...hehe)

I hope you aren't offended that I have a pic of a toilet on my blog, and not a pic of you and your family...hahaha - I promise I'll make it up to you!! Love ya!


Amanda said...

BTW***That is one big owie!! hehehe....Hope Jessica recovers soon! Hugs & Kisses...