Thursday, October 19, 2006


I talked to my Dad about your Family, although I think that I mentioned your married name not your family's name.We have one family that goes to the church that knows people in Rivers. Their last name is GRAY! Tim Gray ,I think, is a counselor there and his Dad's family (Warren Gray) have been around forever!
My Dad says that he isn't too familiar with Rivers, except I think that that is where my Mom goes to get Costumes,etc.! If you have any detailed info that may help to pass along, please let me know...I'm very curious. Which Church does your Family attend?

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Terry said...

Dear Rachel... I am so sorry that I haven't been able to read your blog lately but hopefully tomorrow is my last day of work for a few days anyway, and I will try and get caught up.
We went to a Baptist church in Wheatlands, near Rivers for a few months when we moved out west but then we started to go to Brandon.
My dad took us the first time and after that the Christians came and picked us up every Sunday. They drove 33 miles to get us.[nine kids and my mom].
We went to the Brandon Gospel Hall.
Some of the people's names there were Mr. Allan Ritchie, Mr. Paul Jaddock who was teacher in Rivers, Mr. Jim Webb, Mr. and Mrs, Stothard who had a son that was a sports announcer on TV- Henry Stothard,
Maybe your dad knows a few of these people.
Well I better hop off to bed now, Rachel.

I did know a Gray family in Rivers. I will have to look at our Rivers school reunion pictures and see if there are any of them that went to to the reunion in July.

God's blessings to you. Love Terry