Thursday, October 12, 2006

(:: [] ::) - that's a, huh?
Now , I plan on giving you girls a run for your money,....chew on this....
"AFAIK I'll CYA at Family Camp. EG ....
IMHO , ( LSHMBB), I normally use NTA.
But, because, you all have seen fit to LOL.
PDS, but IC the need to NOW HAG1 on you...
Throughout this e-mail I have sometimes felt the need to HHIS.
But because GMTA, ( CSG-IMO), I have now decided to RTSM
and learn more that the typical NTA!!
At this point you are either SETE or SWL
or maybe you just have a SOHF??
You aught to know that YBS YL if you mess with me *G* YWIA!


Jessica said...

Well, As Far As We Know, we'll see you there too. WEG back at ya because our mummy tummies are so in shape that they don't bounce when we laugh...!!! Unlike you, we prefer technical acronyms. And yes we are still Laughing Out Loud. Don't worry, we aren't going to shoot just because you "think" you're Having A Good 1 on us! You 'should' Hang Your Head In Shame...we were nice enough to explain what all of ours meant to you...We agree that Great Minds Think Alike but we can't figure why you're Chuckling, Snickering, and Grinning In Your Opinion??? We're glad you 'finally' decided to Read The Silly Manual but we've come to the conclusion that you really don't know how to use your NTA's. We started by Smiling Ear To Ear, then progressed to Screaming With Laughter but now we're FOMCL!!! So have no fear of us having a Sense Of Humor Failure...because we're just eating this up! Oh believe us..we're not sorry at all *ys*!!! So *Grin* back at ya and we might add Your Welcome In Advance for all those other poor illiterate souls who can't figure out your post. We'll be Thinking Of You 2, hope to See You Soon, and will talk to you Later!!! Amanda and Jessica =) <---BTW- that's a smiley face!

Rach said...

I only have ONE question for you two twirps! How long did that take you guys????

You all made me lmho!

Now about your pathetic little FLAT belly's ....well, Are you insinuating that I happen to have a belly that sheakes!? How dare you! I'll have you know that I can actually feel that my stomach has now got some muscles burried deep within my "layer of protective covering" there!
You are dangerously close to

Rach said...

Oh I was so disgruntled that I didn't finish...You are dangerously close to hearing the busy signal when you call me , in your attempt to apologize!

:-)...:-(.....:-)...:-( > manic depressive!

Jessica said...

Hey goofy~ you said your own belly bounces with your impressive little LSHMBB you inserted. If you don't know what that means, you may want to look it up...
because we're not feeling generous anymore.
As far as how much time it took...time??? Why would you think it took US a long time??? Girl, we're expert NTAers!!!
Have a nice day! Love,
Jessica and Amanda

Rach said...

Oh, well, um...yousee, I was inserting that "laugh so hard .."
Because I thought it said, um....this> "laugh so hard MANY bellys bounce" as you can see I wasn't exactly refering to me alone!

(and if you believe that then I have some beach front property in N.W.T. to sale you)he he ..ha ha
You gals are so much fun!