Sunday, October 29, 2006

To my horror.........

Did I ever introduce everyone to my " Freaky Friday"?
While Jason and I were in Pennsylvania for our much needed vacation we were invited ,by family, to stay in a Timeshare.
During our stay I wasn't allowed to completely forget about those little dreaded activities that we call chores. So, I did a load of laundry and another and another ;-0. I also straightened up the living room and bedrooms because our family was coming over for games.
Well, because of my mad rush to 'show' a clean room , I happened to glance over and notice the dishes sitting on the counter. "oh, Man" , what was I going to do? I had already run out of detergent for the dishwasher and I didn't have time to hand wash them. With 20min to spare I started to scramble around for something....ANYTHING!!!
Ah-hah !...I looked on the counter and saw the bottle of dish liquid.........Mmm?
That washes dishes,....surely it will wash them even better in a dishwasher!
Man, I had it! I had the whole evening planned out as I filled the machine with dishes. I even contemplated how proud my Mom would be if she knew how ingenious I had been in a pinch!?
So as I picked up the bottle of detergent , I contemplated how much to use.
Well, if a squirt washes a sink full, then , I'll probably need about 1/8 cup or so!? Wouldn't you think so?...................
I shut the door and continued to prepare for my evening with family and games and FOOD!
a little while later I entered the Kitchen , and to my dismay,,,,,,,NO, that's not quite the's more like hysteria and horror!!!! I walked in to find that the Dishwasher didn't like the dish liquid I had used and decided to throw it up all over the place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, that's right, I found Bubbles POURING out the dishwasher faster than I could clean it!
What a mess, I honestly didn't know whether to LAUGH or cry.I mean how often do you get to experience a "freaky Friday moment", I mean, doesn't that only happen in movies?
I figured that at this rate Dennis and Monica were going to step into BUBBLE WORLD and we wouldn't be able to find each other. Well, I determined that that wasn't going to happen !
Up til this point I hadn't been caught by anyone, what luck, right? ......WRONG!
I don't remember now who caught me first , but I did get discovered and of course laughed at !
The good thing is I now know , for a fact, that I will suffer with dirty dishes before I do THAT again! ( and things weren't in too bad of conditions when I was discovered-thank goodness!)


Jessica said...

So...ahem...when did this happen! And dont' feel bad...I did that once too! I didn't realize it was taboo to put regular dishwashing liquid into a dishwasher! lol...I guess that's why they make soap specifically FOR the dishwasher. and learn! I had a mess too! Love ya, Jessica

Amber said...

lol... that is too funny girls.. because I did the same thing too! Now you don't feel bad at all Rach do ya?? :) And talk about a mess of bubboles.. I couldn't stop laughing.. and my husband was just like 'dear what have you done?' Just being myself honey! :) that's right and learn...!