Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Brrrrrr it's cold here.
We've had the fireplace on for days.


Amanda said...

Hey! How come your counter is starting over at 1?? It's really cold here too....we have our wood burning stove going. It got down to 24 degrees last night. Brrrrr....

Will be praying for Jay!! I hate that heartburn stuff!! Chris has trouble with it too. I never had it until I got pregnant & now I very rarely get it...thank goodness!

Talk to ya later! Love ya!

Rachel said...

Hey Amanda, I started a new counter because the old one didn't match my new template(smile)..that is so like a woman isn't it?!
It's gotton down in the 30's here and in the 50's during the day. thats a big drop considering we were in the upper 70's on the weekend! SIGH*
I got it when I was preggo was bad. I feel so bad for him.
Love you too bye!
(oh, hows the MK business going?)

Amanda said...

Well, you know you can set the starting number at whatever you want, so you could just start it at whatever you were up to, so you didn't have to start all over... It's cute though!

The MK is going great!! I'm officially a RED JACKET now and I'm so excited about that for some reason! I get to go to a special brunch on Friday and Monday is my party to celebrate my achievements!

Did you get my emails about the yahoo IM??

Thanks for all the comments on my blog!!! I'll try to answer all of them. See ya!