Tuesday, November 28, 2006

HI everyone

Well, we can't seem to kick this bug.
I thought that we were almost over it yesterday and then Sean asked me to change his diaper and I saw that the poor boy had leaked all over himself....
or so I thought! It was actually diarrhea and he also had a slight fever!!! ARG!
Just a warning to you all....I plan on changing my template again soon.
I'm just tired of not being able to view my tickers and the BLUE is too blue! LOL
Ha ha...Sean has been in a "copy-cat" phase that's driving his sisters into laughter and on occasion IRRITATION!
YEAH!!! I'm loosing weight again! I think I dropped another pound or so again!
I used to have to squeeze into (and bulge out of) my clothes,especially my t-shirts!
BUT, now they're almost hanging on me!!!! yes, I said ALMOST!
I do the calorie counting, mostly because I am in love with food!!lOL
and I still want to have the freedom to snack but now it just has to be controlled.
I also DIDN'T loose weight until I started to exercise.
I try to exercise anywhere from 25 to 55 minutes 3 to 6 times a week.
I have to do this during their nap time because you can trust me when I say that it is very hard to exercise with Kids in the room either trying to also exercise or crawling over me while I try to exercise!
Jess, Thanks for all your encouragement!
I really needed it and also all the other encouragement that I got from other friends and family. Man, whether it's 5 or 50 pounds that you need to loose it's VERY HARD and requires lots of praise and encouragement from each other!
I saw a lady at the clinic and noticed that the receptionist name tag/picture didn't look anything like her and I was hesitant to ask but I jumped in and said that I wondered if that was her picture. She looked at me like I dropped a star in her lap. She said she worked so hard to loose weight that it was nice to have others notice! I was so relieved and happy that she was happy.
My sister has been a great encouragement to me and she's a stick-to-it type of person. I have meet so many people out there who are dieting since I started and it is so exciting to learn and experiment and ultimately find out what
is your niche' in the "loosing weight world"!
I don't know if there ever is a PERFECT diet, but there is a perfect diet for you!
Congrats to everyone out there who has the umph to stick to any diet and any exercise program! Please feel free to share what works for you and how it has helped.....That is one of the biggest things that has helped me when I was deciding what I wanted to do. I talked to everone that I could and found something (after I tried different ones) that could be used as a life changing plan.
My sister has Fibromialga (I have no idea how to spell it) and because of this she aches all the time. She incorporates different herbs and meds into her day and she also made the choice to diet and exercise.
She started out DETOX ING her body so that she could start fresh and also for the health benefits that it brought for her!
It's probably one of the toughest diets out there, well, acctually I don't know if it's really a diet, it's just what it says it is, a....DETOX!
It helps clean out your system of all the impurities and sugars!
She has been very excited about it and when she's done that ,she just monitors what she eats. Hopefully she will post her story on here for ya'll and her story along with others stories will help other woman make a descision on there plan of action!
Good Luck everyone!
and please keep encouraging everyone...we all neeed it!


Amanda said...

I'm dreading starting a diet again....isn't there a magic pill yet? All the technology and cures out there and they still don't have a magic skinny pill... sigh. Oh well.

Good luck to all you dieters, I may join you soon...

Thanks for the talk and encouragement today Rach! You are such a blessing - thanks for being a great friend! Love you!


Jessica said...

Good going on the weight loss plan girley! You're doing AWESOME!!! I need some encouragement now! I've kind of hit a slump, I gained two pounds back over Thanksgiving and it has pretty much depressed me. haha...Really! haha...So don't forget to come over and whip me back into shape!