Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I found Sean sitting in front of the fire trying to get warm while he was waiting for me to get him dressed (he soakes his clothes today----YUCK)
Isn't he cute?!
Brooke wanted her picture too!
Sean, as soon as he saw the FLASH ,turned around and said " cheese"


Amber said...

Oh how I remember those days! But not anymore!! Gavin started potty training when he was 12 mo. but then stopped for awhile and a couple of months before I had her, he was great, no accidents. But once she came a month or two.. we had some problems but now.. no prob's at all! And it's wonderful!!

-oh I love your hearts! I can't get them to work on my pc.. :(

Amber said...

Where are you girl??? Haven't seen you around lately??

Amanda said...

Hey Rach! Love the pics - your kids are too cute!! Good luck on the potty training.

I tried to post on here yesterday, but was having trouble with the computer I was working on...as usual.

Hope you're having a great day!! Love ya!

Jessica said...

Hey girley! Very cute pics...I want more pics...more often! haha :) Have an awesome evening!!! Love ya!