Thursday, November 02, 2006

My chicklets!

There's the little culprits hiding in their tent!
I "caught" Sean and Brooke this morning standing on the chest
and JUMPING into their "tent"!
Dusty has been standing up everywhere...he's to that phase that he'll stand up in his crib and he'll cry because he has no clue as how to get down! ha ha!
Jessica doing her school!
Look at the door knob...the "tent" is held to the door knob by a hair clip!


Jessica said...

Aw! Sometimes I just look at your adorable pics in aw and think, Man what a woman!!! hahaha...You've done such and awesome job with you FOUR kids! It's just the coolest thing! I'd love to be just like you as a mother! Keep the pics coming!!!

Rachel said...

wow, what a compliment! I'm speechless!I really appreciate it , but if you only knew how badly I fail(keeping my cool-
being merciful-showing attention-being consistent-etc.) you would think otherwise! I'm glad that I've fooled you this far though! I have looked at your pictures and thought along the same lines (must be that woman envy thing that we women have-lol) . You spend soo much time with Ty and you spend so much thought into every day and moment that it shows in your pictures. You ARE an awesome Mom and I wouldn't change you for anything,, it's a scary thing to think of Ty being put with ME when he has someone like YOU! YOUR a doll!
Love you lots, Jess!
(p.s. my word verification was 'epthycsm" phew!)um, take that back, now it's uwaqcd! Don't they know that u comes after q?

Rachel said...

Um, Jess...I took these pics around 11a.m. and everyone is still in P.J's!?
Boy, does THAT confirm everything I said ealier or what!LOL

Amanda said...

Well, I have to agree with Jess. Ditto. You're a great mom! Love the pics - keep em comin!

Love ya!

Amanda said...

hey - my after picture album IS posted!!

Amber said...

Well ... here I am FINALLY Rach! :) My computer finally listened to me and stopped being stupid.

Had to laugh about the tent, gavin LOVES to make them now and guess who ends up there with him?? And Gavin LIVES in his p.j's He always asks if he can wear them out to the store...haha Sometimes I'm a nice mom and let him wear them to check the mail and he thinks that's so cool. And you go girl..for 4 kids! 2 is GREAT for me!!! Love, Amber