Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving Day pictures....LOL

My Biker Baby....What a stud!
I couldn't resist putting him in this outfit!!!
He was soooo cute!
I'm still trying to figure out what I'm doing with his Birthday celebration !
One things is that I have decided to have his 1st and Jess' 6th on the same day because my parents will be here in December! I wouldn't want them to miss it!
Dustin Updates......
1-3 teeth ( with more working their way close)
2-18 pounds
3-sick for the holidays, but then so are we all!!LOL
4-can say the words: Momma, Dadda, dutin (he doesn't say it often but it's his version of his name), and he growls !!!
5- he scoots ...not crawls!
6- he loves to stand up to everything, but he gets very scared if any of those 'things' move!LOL
7-he's great at being the "baby of the family"
8-plays patty-cake! I'll take a pic of him later when he's doing "roll it up"!
he likes to clap his hands and bounce while he sings


Amanda said...

Well, now those are some CUTE pictures. What a stunning little man you have there....hehehe

Looks like you had a great thanksgiving! Mine was wonderful until I got home....(long story) - but now I can't sleep, so I'm checkin the blogs and playing text twist...

Love the new wallpaper! Very cool - I'll have to come see it in person sometime...hehehe.

Love and hugs,

Anonymous said...

Hey Rach!

Awww... what a cute pie! Isn't it so much fun taking pictures of them? I just love it!

LOVE your wallpaper.. that's so neat. I can't wait to get our own house and do all that stuff! I think it would be cool to come up for the weekend or something!!!
Have a great weekend!!
Love, Amber

Kathy, Jeff's wife said...

How adorable!!!! Trust me, time goes by all too quickly!

btw-Thanks for your comment on my blog. cranberry "stuff" was a flop, but we have frozen it and it isn't too bad. ;o) lol I wonder if we used the same recipe? :o)