Monday, December 11, 2006

Jason went to emergency on Thursday night, came home for the night, then need to go back again the next day and then stayed till Sunday night.
We also went this morning and had more testing done.
He was having severe stomach pains, but so far
it's not pancreas, liver, kidneys, and other stomach problems such as acid reflux!
Today we checked for Gallbladder!
please pray that all will go well.
Today (actually in 15 min.) my parents will be here and yesterday Jay's brothers came in town
from Virginia and we still haven't seen them!
I'll try to keep y'all updated......I might not be able to comment or post for a week
Love y'all


Amanda said...

Awwww...poor guy. I'll be praying for him - I hope they figure it out soon. We'll miss you - but hope you have a good time with your families.
Love you!!


Jessica said...

Oh wow girley! Bless your hearts!@ We'll be praying that the Lord is with Jason through these health issues and you as you help him along! We love you!!!

Amber said...

Hey girl...
Was just wondering if you had found anything out! Hope everything is okay. I've been there before and it's really hard on a wife! you'll be in my prayers!