Sunday, January 28, 2007

Hey, Y'all I forgot to tell ya that
when I got together the Quiz on the right
I was thinking of our Anniversary in a month and posted
our years as 7 already ! So if y'all got this wrong it was really my mistake. Sorry!
When Amanda and Amber take the Quiz then I will tell y'all the answers...I think that you may be surprised at some of the aswers.
I had Jay take the test too to make sure he really knew me...LOL.
He scored 100%...Good job Jay!
I tried to make it easy except for 2 of the answers.
EXCEPT...I found out by taking Jess' quiz that even the easy things when given multiple choice answers can be hard!
It's fun though...isn't it?
I would like to see you all get this quiz for yourself.

1 comment:

Amanda said...

Okay, I took your quiz 3 times...will be awaiting the correct answers...

I also put one on my latest post for ya'll to take - so have fun! Haha - some of the answers you could probably get off my old posts. Anyway, hope to talk to ya tomorrow, better get to bed for now!

love ya!