Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Hi, everybody!

I saw that we're all at a stand still with our blogg'n

so I thought I would get on here and get the ball rolling! LOL
Guess what, we could be classified as Blogger Queens!
Doesn't that make you feel good!
How are y'all doing?
Amanda, Are you feeling better? Are you still dizzy?
Amber...where are you?
Jess, it was great talking to you! I will talk to you again soon!


Amanda said...

Hey Rach! Yeah, still a bit dizzy and congested and just plain cruddy feelin. But not as bad as Monday and Tuesday. What a week. I'll be back to blogg'n soon I hope. Just been a crazy to start to the year 2007!!

Talk to ya soon - love ya!

Anonymous said...

I'm still alive, just been super busy! Got alot going on right now.
ttyl... Amber

Amanda said...

Hey girl! I just talked to Jason on the phone (hope I get to talk to you sometime soon) - what a crazy storm!! We have a lot of ice here too, but nothing like ya'll are going through. Hope you get your power back soon - I know what that's like having no utilities and braving the cold with only a fireplace. We did that in the last huge ice storm we had here in Kansas. Anyway, I know you won't read this til you get your power back, but wanted you to know I was thinking about you all and praying for ya!! Talk to you soon!

Love you!

Jessica said...

Hi Rachel! I know you won't get this till your power comes back on but we're praying for you guys! I know what it's like to go without power. We'll be missing your posts! And thanks! It was great talking to you too! Call again soon! Love ya, Jessica