Wednesday, January 24, 2007

This was once our toy room, but was temporarily used for our neighbors childrens room
This is my neighbor Sharleen in my living room (aka..her bedroom for 8 days)
We blocked off our doorways to save on heat
The girls slept in My bedroom so that they could stay warm.
The boys slept in bed with us (that was very interesting)
um.....I guess I doubled up on pics.


Jessica said...

I don't think I've ever been 11 days, but I've been a week, and for the most part it's COMPLETELY not fun. But then again, I was a kid at the time, so I thought it was SO cool that our whole family was sleeping in sleeping bags around the living room with the fireplace going. We had lanterns and candles out. We also had kerosene heaters too. So if you had to get something from your room, you made a mad dash because you'd freeze to death while you were out of the living room! haha... So, like I said, for the most part it wasn't fun because it's hard to do without electricity, but on the other hand, we got to enjoy some fun family times and some good memories of just sitting and spending time together because there wasn't any electrical devices to pull our attention away. Well...I've made up for not commenting withing 24 hours! haha..I'm doing just fine! Thanks for asking!

Amanda said...

Yeah!!! You're back from the iceage!! Those pics bring back a lot of memories from our ice storm a few years ago. We were only out of power for 4 days, but it seemed like forever~ I can't even imagine 11 days ~ yikes! Well, I'm glad you are back on and I'm waiting for that pic of you kissing a light bulb...hehehe. It is sad about all those trees - it was like that here too, but Missouri has much prettier trees so it seems more sad. Anyway, I was gonna call you, but figured you were too busy with housework - but expect my call next week for sure!!! Love and miss you!