Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A Hallmark E-Card from Rach


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2. Click "E-cards & More".
3. Click the link that says "Pick up an e-card."
4. Enter your e-mail address and this number: EG4179082273406. Click "Display Greeting," and enjoy your e-card.

With best wishes,
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Amanda said...

I don't get it...hmmmm

But thanks I guess? Happy Valentines Day (not) to you too!! hehehe

Love ya!

Rachel said...

I just thought that this card was very funny with all those comments that the bear says when you pull his string!
I am not anti-valentines day but I did think that that was funny

Amber said...

Hey rach!
I did get your e-card! How cute! Hope to hear from ya soon!