Friday, February 02, 2007

My answers! be very afraid.

Question #1
Where was I Married?
answer-Brandon, MB
Question #2
How long have I been Married?
answer-7 years (next month)
Question # 3
Where is my ideal vacation spot?
(for education reason and a few other. It's been a mystery since I was a child)
Question #4
What would I like to pursue in the future...??????
answer- Write a book!!
Question #5
How old am I?
Question #6
What is my Favorite snack.... YUMMY!
LINDOR CHOCOLATES......what else is there?


Rachel said...

Another thing that I have seriously looked into becoming was a doula! confession #7

Amanda said...

What the crud is a doula??

Rachel said...

A Doula (pronounced doo-lu) means women helping women. She has no major medical certificate , but she assist with the "mother" in labour! She rubs backs, massages, and many other things to assist a mother with her needs during labour. She cannot deliver or offer other medical assistance, but is mostly there for her emotional and physical needs. I had one for Jessica and it was great. It would require quite a few hours of study and "on the scene" experience before you could qualify. It sounds like something that I would possibly like to pursue in the future.