Thursday, February 08, 2007

My Baby boy is now a little Boy...OFFICIALLY

My Baby Boy took his first steps tonight!
It just all the sudden dawned upon him that he could walk and
he upped and took his first two steps.
His max is 4 steps!
"He did it" and Jay and I got to see his FIRST steps together...How awesome!!!!!
He's walking to Jessica.
Stupid delayed camera...I keep getting him walking but then the camera takes forever to flash!
He's getting really excited about his walking!
He's Very Tired! Too much walking for one night.


Amanda said...

He looks so happy and proud!! Congratulations Dusty!!

Sometimes if my camera doesn't take the pic fast enough it helps to put in fresh batteries...

Thanks for sharing! Love those pics!


Anonymous said...

Hey Rach!
Way to go little guy! *clap*clap*
But you know now you're in trouble girl! ha- Amber