Monday, February 19, 2007

My big boy is getting potty trained!

All i have to say is......Ha Ha Ha Ha!LOL!
He's watching the "potty" movie that we picked up from the library!
we have been singing the potty song every time that he sits to go potty.
I'm so proud of Sean, he is doing so well!


Phall said...

Rachel this is worth a million, TOOOO funny, oh my goodness, what a cutie! Your little snowman needs to live in Canada where he'll fit in with the snow. ;-) Phall

Rachel said...

Thanks Phall, Jay and I had quite the laugh over his "potty costume"!
I don't think that I would ever live in Canada again....Brrr...too cold! He's pretty happy with "snow pictures"..thank goodness! ;-)

Amber said...

LOL.. how funny! But I know how it is... does he wear his snow-hat around the house all the time??
Gavin's got this thing where he wears his p.j's and cowboy boots and a hat or cowboy hat around the house so often. It's just so sweet seeing them do those little things! Good luck w/ your little guy! ttyl... AMber

Amanda said...

Oh man, he's gonna hate seeing these pics when he gets older... he's gonna hate even more knowing you showed them on the internet to all your girlfriends!!! HAHAHAHA