Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I'm at it again....

Front of culottes
I have to say it is easier to copy a pair I already have than to use a pattern (EXcluding the instructions of course!!!)
Back view
Except for the Button/Zipper dilemma I have finally completed the dress.
I absolutely LOVE my garage sale deal!!
I was using a TV tray for a sewing table and ))))ouch(((( That hurt a lot!
This is a perfect height.
Thank you all for reading My story below. I had so many people comment that it just made my day! To answer 1 question....My parents really like him!! And Jason is the best Husband in the whole world! He is very sweet!


annie said...

I have a sewing machine, and a table for it that I got from my mom when her mom died recently... but I rarely touch the thing. Maybe to dust it. I did make emelia a play skirt with some fur once. (does that count)?
You did a good job Rachel!!!

Org Junkie said...

Love your garage sale find...awesome! So glad to meet a fellow Ketchup chip fan. They are available everywhere in Canada as far as I know. I live in BC.
Thanks for stopping by!

Amber said...

Good for you missy! I just don't have the patience's to sew at ALL! I just love the piece even more when I find them at garage sales and there's nothing like a great bargain huh? very good girl! :) ttyl

Mama Russell said...

Ooooh, great job!! I am so very impressed!!