Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Jay and I met....

Jay and I are both Pastor's children (Pk's).Me in Canada and him in MO., US!

We have known each other since we have been about 7 years old.

We have always had a crush on each other, but unfortunately we always saw each other when the other liked someone else.

When I was 17 and Jay was 18 he called and told me that he would be coming with his parents for our Old Fashioned Day Conference.

YEAH!!! I was thrilled, bu my parents weren't to happy.

Jay and I had had a past and Jay had gone through a time of rebellion(which my Dad knew of). I have never been told NOT to like anyone, but I was warned to tread lightly!

There is so much that I could say about that trip but I'll narrow it down to a few things.

When Jay first saw me on this visit was when I had to meet them at a restaurant after work. I walked in and Jay stood up and (in front of my parents) said "WOW!" and then melted back into his chair!!

I was VERY happy, but my Dad looked like he could blow a fuse! lol!

-----NOTE***I was raised with strict rules---

When that trip was said and done I thought that Jay liked someone else and he knew he was going to marry me, so I bawled and he grinned like crazy while I cried and hugged him goodbye!

In 2 days I received a postcard and another day later I got a call.

From that point on we knew we were meant to be and that we would get married.

We started dating in November of '98, got engaged in November of '99, and 4 trips later we married in March of '00!

We went through a lot of troubles , but God was in the midst and with time he made a way and we have now been married 7 and a half years with 4 kids and we are still very happy and more in love today than we ever have been.

Praise God!

Jay and I have talked a lot about writing a journal about our courting and marriage and ALL the millions of blessings that God worked out.

We could probably fill a LARGE book and then some because God has made himself so evident in out lives and he has showed us many times the right way to go and the right path to take. We haven't always listened, but we praise Him for his love to us.


Amber said...

Heya.. I never get tired of hearing about "love stories!" very sweet, and you do know when it's your true love too! :) Very good reminder, to make sure you remember how you fell in LOVE! :)
hey did you get my email, oh it's been a week or 2 now..just was curious!

Nancy Face said...

I loved your story, especially the part where you were bawling and he was grinning! :)

annie said...

That is just so sweet Rachel!

Barbara H. said...

I hope your dad finally came to like him! :) Sounds like he was a charmer.

Renee's Ramblings said...

What a great story! Thanks for sharing.

Joyful Days said...

Wonderful story!! God does work things out.

sheryl said...

What a sweet story! God is so good!

Mama Russell said...

Beautiful story, thank you for sharing!