Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Jess came to me this morning wearing her bedclothes, which due to her wearing braces while she sleeps, consist of daddy's shirt with a tank top underneath.
She said to me, "mom, know what I'm wearing?"
I said, "no what?"
She said, "I'm wearing a HOGWASH shirt"
I nearly choked at this point....I said, "What's that?"
She looked at me like I was crazy. I mean why wouldn't I know the answer to THAT?!
She proceeded to enlighten me..."Well, It makes me be a HOGWASH"
...further choking...
I had to look away!
I asked , "what's a HOGWASH?"
*in case you didn't gather this yet...I use the word hogwash a lot...apparently!?*
She answered with, "It's a silly person..I think? I think it comes from another planet?"
LOL!!!!!! CHUCKLE!!!!
I then went on to explain what I mean when I say hogwash.
We'll see what she comes up with in the future, but for now, I THINK she understands!


Amanda said...

That's too funny! You just never know what they're going to come up with next, huh? How funny is that?

Those pictures of your kids are wonderful! Thanks for sharing those with us - I bet they loved having their faces painted and stuff, huh? And congratulation on your yummy tomatoes! They look like they're gonna be wonderful!

Well, better get back to busy. Hey, I miss you bunches!! We need a phone call soon, don't ya think? Maybe I'll call ya tomorrow...
Love you!!

Amanda said...

Cool songs - didn't take no time at all at the church - I'll let you know how it goes at home!

Thanks for the call! Love ya!

Mama Russell said...

Oh, that is pretty cute!! Don't you just love what kids say??

Amber said...

Kids are so funny, Gavin asked for me to have another baby b/c brooklynn was too mean! lol I said "we'll just have to teach her to be a nice girl and not hit!" b/c there is no more kids coming from this MOMMA! LOL anyways
the kids look like they had fun w/ the face paintings! Gavin always wants to do that but chickens out.
Do love the music on here too...very nice -n- calming!
Have u heard from Jessica lately?
ttyl.... Amber