Friday, July 27, 2007

Our "Special" evening.

The girls were allowed to dress up with "just" their dress up clothes on for this special evening of pampering and they were playing it up if you couldn't tell!
These are my Prince's and Princesses!
I was their waitress...
The Menu:
Mint Tea and Ice cream
Sean (who was very happy and bragged to the girls that he was "sir". It's what I called him)
anyways, he totally played into his role as Prince and asked for Peanut Butter and Choco Chips to go on his ie cream.
the girls just sat back and enjoyed. lol!


Amanda said...

Hey! No more of that "signing in" nonsense! If you're gonna post me a comment you have to at least say hello or Boo or SOMETHING!! hahaha (you know I'm kidding!)

These are really cute pics - the kids look like they are having so much fun! You're a great mom!

I love all your organization! It ALMOST motivates me to do some myself...but not quite! hahaha

Well, I finally posted again - you can go see pool pics if you want! I'm pretty proud of the job we did! Ya'll may get to go swimming when you're here - it should still be plenty hot enough then.

Love and miss you! Thanks for calling me yesterday - sorry my phone died on us! Hugs,


Annie said...

Oh what fun!!!

Kelly @ Growing.Learning.Playing. said...

Oh, this is such a precious post! I think I'll try to do this for my girls!! Such a sweet mama thing to do!