Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Self-Proclamation of a vacation from Blogging.....

I hereby proclaim myself on vacation until at least mid September!!!
I have decided to abort the blog world
(unless something happens that I can't help but blog about)


Amber said...


Amanda said...

I understand. Blogging can be time consuming if you let it, and I know you're busy right now. So, I'll miss you on here, but I know you'll be back when things slow down again!

Love you bunches!
Can't wait to see you in September!!


Annie said...

Hope you have a nice bloggy break!

Terry said...

Hey Rachel...It is mid September already you know!
I guess I wasn't the only one on vacation from blogging, eh?

How did you get this lovely music on here?
It is really nice!

I hear Manitoba is getting really nice weather and so are we, here in southern Ontario.
It is still like summer and I could take that all year round if I had my choice!!

Well come and say howdy whenever your vacation is over and I will try and say howdy more often to you too!!
...Love Terry...your Manitoba gopher friend

Terry said...

Dear Rachel...
Just want to wish for you and your family a very blessed Chrismas and a Happy New Year!
For sure and you are sure taking a long break from blogging!
Let me know how you are doing.
I have emailed you a few time but they came back!!
Now ex-Manitoba girl...please drop this Manitoba girl a note, OK?.....Love Terry