Thursday, September 28, 2006

Amanda, I am really looking forward to ya'll coming.
Is there any games that you guys like better than others??
Do the girls like any foods better than others?
What about you and Chris,
is there anything that ya'll don't like to eat?
How long did you say you were staying?
I'll try and call ya tomorrow!

Jessica, I will send you back Ty's outfits that Dusty borrowed,
by the way, thank you for the loan.

Love you all,

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Amanda said...

Oh I just can't wait! We are not picky eaters - please don't go to any trouble. My husband really worries about imposing on you guys. I do need to know what your schedule is like to determine exactly when we'll come and how long we stay. So just let me know - we'll talk on the phone soon I'm sure.
Gotta go for now. Love ya,