Friday, September 29, 2006


I am sooo PUMPED...I just had a 70.00 dollar day so far! I know that may not sound like much , but For one day and one customer...that can be very good. She has ordered a total of 100 this week with a future order of 30! Praise God!
In case you haven't noticed that's why I'm writing in pink!

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Amanda said...

Congratulations!! That's really great is exciting to get orders. You should do some skin care classes! They are lots of fun and bring in some good money!

I think we have settled on a plan for our trip - if it works okay with ya'll. We are going to leave our house on Saturday morning and stop at ya'll house, stay the night, go to church with you on Sunday morning, then leave for KY after church. How does that sound? Will that work for you guys? Let me know - I'll be calling you this week sometime.

Better go - love ya!