Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Hi, everybody!
The kids aren't feeling really good today, Brooke had a fever yesterday and a really bad headache today and the others (aside from Jess) had Diarrhea (yuck)!!! Well, that's life!

The things that are most on my mind right now are : Bible reading , Dieting, and ALONE time (ha ha- I just through that in for good measure)! What are yawl's thoughts on these topics and how do you best do both in your life. This isn't a survey, I'm just always curious about how other woman have organized their schedules , if there's (schedule)conflicts -how have they best dealt with it, and what you are learning from God right now in your lives??????
Boy, am I ever nosy!! ya, I know!
But, seriously , this is for learning purposes....Jay and I have really enjoyed are discussions about the bible and I wanted to know what yawl's favorite books, stories(or whatever) from the bible were and when you like best to read your Bible!!???
My favorite 2 people are (for right now) Job and Esther!
Job for his amazing ability to praise God during hard times and the book of Job for the MIND BOGGLING knowledge that God has the ultimate control. The Devil has to actually go before God and ASK permission to harass us!!!! Isn't that the most encouraging news that you've ever heard....it puts new light to the saying," God will never give you anything that you can't handle"! He knows what the Devil is up to because HE had to allow it (for whatever reason-that's where FAITH comes in)! WOW!!! and....I like Esther because ..well, she's a woman for starters and she was obedient to GOD before all else ( I like this....especially because of all those false ideas about submission that we have out in the world). Despite the dangers( which were nothing for God) she (while being submissive to her husband) Did what was needed! WOW again! Plus if you ever study it ...The time frame was pretty neat....I didn't realize when a lot of these things took place. Well, Id better let ya'll go, it's late.
Love you all....

one last thing.....I may start monitering my comments in case you all have anything private that you would like to share..for example..answering the above statements (haha) ! What do you think of this?

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Jessica said...

Well girley! I think I commented twice on the picture of Mel's family because I couldn't figure out why it wasn't showing up until I remembered you saying you were going to moderate your comments.

I learning about forgiveness and trusting right now from God and it's been awesome to see how He's working specifically in my life. It's so amazing how personal He gets with you. Little ole' you. There's zillions of people in the world, YET He makes time to work on my heart and in my life. What an AWESOME Savior I serve!!!
My favorite books are: (I have three or so) haha. Ruth, Esther, and Revelations. I have other favorites too, but those are my top three! Ruth and Esther both had such courage!
Um...hmm..alone time...what's that. That is a little scarce around here for me unless I just want to stay up later and allow for it.
The dieting is going great so far! I love weight watchers!!! I'm just 15 lbs from my goal weight! WOOHOO!
Ryan and I read the Bible together in the evenings and I've done a VERY poor job of reading it myself in the mornings. I used to be very faithful to reading it every morning and have just gotten lazy about it lately.
Well, I think I covered all your questions. I don't care if you post this or not since you're moderating. There's nothing I have in here that's secret! lol, Jessica