Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Where is Everybody? Is everyone OK?


Amanda said...

Sorry, Rach! I haven't hardly been home in two days - whew - it gets crazy around here sometimes. Hey, you need to update my link for my new site - just go delete the .blogspot part. It's just now.

Anywho! I will TRY to call you tomorrow, but I'm gonna post on my blog my busy schedule, so you can forgive me if I don't get the call made. I really will try though, cuz I really need to talk to ya.

I'll also try to answer all your nosy (hehe) questions just as soon as I get a chance! Bummer about the MK counter thing. Oh well.
I better git - I have some more posting to do!

Love ya,

PS-Both our counters are at 59 right at this moment! Pretty cool.
Oh, I don't mind the moderating thing, but I really hate the word verification - I often have to do that like 3 times cuz my eyes have trouble figuring out their stupid letters. But if you want it on, it's okay, just didn't know if you knew you can turn it off....see ya!

Amber said...

Hey Rach!
Sorry, I've been super busy lately also. My AUnt is having a garage sale next weekend so i've been in and out of storage getting some of gavin's old baby clothes(4 trash bags full!) to try and sale!!The extra $$ sure would be nice. I've got to update my blog also. Got your e-mail (thanks for your e-mail ADDY!!!) hehehehe...that was too funny. Just give me a call sometime!! Love, Amber