Monday, October 02, 2006

Check out the changes.

Hey, every body check out my tickers at the bottom of the page.
I Added a new one that I just may regret making public! LOL!
If any of y'all are dieting then please share your good news to keep me excited !!!! I have a feeling it may be a LONG ,hard road to travel...especially , if I have to travel it ALONE (hint..hint).

If you've missed a few of my post then check out my Archive!

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Jessica said...

Well girl...I don't remember how much more I needed to lose when I saw you last time..but I'm only 12lbs away from PRE-PREGNANCY!!! WOOHOO!!! You can do it! I LOVE weight watchers! It's amazing girley!!! I already weigh less now than I did when we got married..but I lost weight after we got married I'm 12 lbs away from where I was when I had lost my weight before. It's SO exciting!!! Makes you feel ALOT better about yourself...I'll be praying for ya, Jess