Monday, October 02, 2006

It keep a plague.

OK, I can't comment on y'alls blogs. I don't know if it's my computer or if it's the blog site itself!!??
N-e-ways, Jessica your pictures are AWESOME!! Your such a beautiful woman inside and out! I definitely think your Son will take after you and your Hubby! Ty's gorgeous! I just want to cuddle him!
Hey, I have that book ,too (Romancing your Husband). It has some really cute idea's! I am a true Romantic at heart. I love making up romantic settings for Jay and I! He's such an AWESOME guy! ( Did we talk about that book when I saw you in Sept.?)

Amanda, I like that picture with you standing in front of the Dam..I was trying to comment on it and couldn't...oh, well! I thought it reminded me of " Dr. Jeckle and a Mr. Hyde " . I actually like the fact that you were standing where you were!
p.s. the picture with the 'bird-toothpick holder' ....well, lets just say that you convinced me that you are OFFICIALLY camera CRAZY!!LOL! I honestly LOVE all your pics! Your camera must be really nice! It takes great shots. I have been really challenged to get out and and start taking new pictures and STOP using pictures taken in the pre-historic times!(haha)

Amber and Amanda , How did the Ladies Retreat go? What did you do? It looks like it was full of fun and excitement!?
I'll be expecting lots of fun comments from all of y', I hope that brings on the guilt! ;-)

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Jessica said...

Hey there...Thanks Rachel..I enjoy your pics too! I don't think we did talk about that book. You do know that they wrote two other ones as well don't you called "101 Ways to Romance Your Marriage" and "Romancing Your Wife." We've got all three of them...I just had that one out to get a few ideas for that Friday night date we had...of course...none of those details made my blog. *snicker..wink* Lata Gata, Jess