Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Dustin update

Amber wanted to know what symptoms that I was dealing with....?
Well, I was out of town for a big portion of the day, but my babysitters would call and say that he was not wanting his bottle and would be a little fussy, etc. I told them that I assumed that he was just tired and most likely needed another nap! When Jay got home he noticed some wheezing and it quickly got to the point of difficulty breathing. Jay took him outside(cool and moist) and after a while he stopped, put him back inside and he started up again he took him outside and after about 35min. he again started breathing better. we were thinking that it was a possible Allergic reaction to the dust in the house or something to that effect. When i got home he was a little lethargic and not at all like himself, I checked his temp and it was 100.6 ( which cancels out allergy and such). When I laid him down to check his temp, he immediately had a hard time breathing! It scared me and i know that things always have a habit of getting worse at night-time. The Dr. at the E.R. saw to him right after Jay showed up and he (thank goodness) was in and out in less than 2 hours! They told him that he had croup and gave him some steroids (which helps with the airway and swelling). Obviously he got better outside because the cool air can shrink the swollen tissues lining the airway, which in turn makes it TONS easier to breathe.
Other symptoms...very croupy cough(that sounds like a bark), rattle in the chest, wheezing, difficulty breathing, and fever. they say that it can start out with cold like symptoms . It is not just one virus it is many viruses and always gets the worst at night( it's worse for children under 3)! I am glad that this is short term and can be treated!

My motto is..." It's better to be safe than sorry!"
I never try to waste a lot of time with serious symptoms.It' true that kids bounce back FAST, but it is equally true that they can 'go down hill ' pretty fast too! God is soo amazing with how he made Moms with a natural sense about their children that tells them when our children are seriously ill and the " MOTHER CLAWS" to not put up with the others opinion to the contrary!! I have had to put my foot down more than once concerning my kids to the Dr's. 2 out of the4 have been in the hospital and Jess especially has had things that I knew wern't right and I had to insist that they make an issue of it and do further testing and found out that she had Bladder reflux, and another time that I took Sean 3 times in 1 week and the on call dr. looked at me like i was overreacting and by that weekend he ended up in the hospital hooked up to an I.V. and stayed there for 4 days!. I am only RAMBLING because I wanted ya'll to know that you should never feel stupid for a trip to the dr. ! MOTHER KNOWS BEST! <>
This is a major issue to me because of a very good friend of mine. Before I got married a friend of mine was 9 mo. due with her 2nd and she stopped feeling the baby move, but after asking around she was told to not worry because baby's do that(they don't) . She did as told ( which was most definitely NOT her fault) and found out that 3 days before her due date the baby had died! Little Samuel had his umbilical cord pinched in a few places and there was also a few other problems that she couldn't have prevented; she had terrible grief, and I always thought that part of that was thinking that it was her fault....I know that it was not! This tragic story has always affected me and has made me quite the pushy one at the Dr.'s office! I have some Nurses who have known me since I was first married and I (thankfully ) have gained their respect. I can't believe how hard it is to get that respect, but it sure helps when you have it! I am NOT always right, but I try to never feel stupid for just checking, because I'd feel worse if I didn't make the effort! Above allelase I am learning to"... trust in the Lord..."!


Anonymous said...

Right on girl!!!
Mother's should ALWAYS go with her gut feelings is my motto!!

If you only knew just how many times I took gavin in to the e.r. b/c I had already taken him to his doctor, and I was right. Well just like with Brooklynn, they told us after gavin was born that all our children we have from now on will have the same problem (reflux) and so when she was born I told my doc that I wanted her checked out, and he kept telling me that we needed to wait to see if there was any symtpoms or any kind. But she kept on stiff'n straight up and scream'n at the top- of her lungs...every now and then.. not to often, so I kept calling and call'n and finally I told him I know what I'm talking about b/c my son has the same thing, and it ended up being that I was right about that, she had a 'girl issue' and after several calls they did something. THey told us that w/ a girl, they are more prone to UTI's more then boys. Which gavin's only had "1" kidney infection ever!! Amazing huh??

So after all MY rambling on .. on YOUR blog.. I 've been there... SEVERAL times!!! I sure am praying for him and watching my girl to make sure there is nothing!! Love...Amber

Amanda said...

Ooo ooo, can I ramble too?? Please? Can I?? (lol) Kayle was sick for the first 4 months of her life (me a first time mom thought doctors knew it all and obeyed them...ahhhh). Well, I took her to see dr. many many times in that 4 months and was given the same speech every time..."it's a virus" or "breast fed babies always spit up like that" blah blah blah...first of all that is not true - Ty never spits up the way Kayle did! But Kayle had projectile vomit and bad diarrhea for 4 months!! I was told over and over how normal it was...until I finally saw a different doctor right after she turned 4 months. Kayle was born 9lbs 3oz - on that day I took her in (at 4 months old)she was only 10lbs!!! That dr. (after listening to my description of the last 4 months and all the things I'd tried) told me Kayle must be allergic to all milk - breast and cow's milk - and that I needed to stop breastfeeding cold turkey and put her on soy formula. It was rough on Kayle and myself after 4 months of breastfeeding... we both adjusted, and she was wonderful from that point on. No more puking and pooping!! After that, I decided doctors were NOT always right and did not know everything - and I'll ALWAYS trust my first instinct from then on!

Okay, I'm done....NEXT??

lol - talk to ya's later!

Jessica said...

Well I guess I'LL be next! lol...I just LOVE to ramble as well all three of you girls know!!! I agree that God gives a special intuition to a baby's mommy and that you just "know" things sometimes. I think all three of you are great mom's and I'm striving to be one too. I haven't had anything really serious like you guys thankfully by the grace of our Lord. He's been sick mind you...but nothing really just pray that I'll KNOW like you all have...and won't feel stupid at the Dr's office when and if something happens! Love you guys, Jessica