Thursday, October 19, 2006

Thank you

Thank you all for your stories, I have been blessed with good Dr.'s but you all are right, If we don't make an issue when we know that something is wrong then neither will the Dr. until a major thing happens. They can only go off symptoms and OUR concerns...and if WE are not ...THEY will NOT! Dr.'s have a tendency to listen to organized details better than feelings (ha ha! they are MEN not our husbands and rest are mothers and aunts who KNOW better than to NOT listen(lol) ...especially if I have all the symptoms as specific as possible then those Dr's on call and our regulars will listen better......sigh...we have to act like we've not been listening to screaming the last 24 hours and dealing with fever, diarrhea,VOMIT everywhere, and have had NO sleep !!!! NOOOOO , we have to act like NON-emotional being who have all out wits about us(even with dark rings around our MK eyes) (smile) and woman who are going to listen to "it's just a virus!" (even though sometimes it's true)! Boy, do they have a surprise coming their way......because we ARE MOTHERS!!! EMOTIONAL, LACKING SLEEP, WITH VOMIT IN OUR HAIR,THE SAME CLOTHES THAT WE PUT ON LAST WEEK, THE THOUGHTS OF A MILLION DIRTY DIAPERS SWIMMING THROUGH OUR THOUGHTS,AND 1 VERY SICK CHILD! ....................yep, they have NO idea what they are dealing with, ...........the poor Doctors! Their medical bill will probably be more in the end then ours(ha ha!). 3 cheers for the poor souls who have to deal with all our raging hormones! >especially for those who don't take us seriously!!!

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