Sunday, October 22, 2006

Hey, ladies I don't know if you've noticed or not but , on the right of my post I have placed a list of my friends businesses! The Okefeild Acres sales beautiful dogs , for those of you who are interested . Janet ( the owner) is a faithful, christian lady who goes to our church and has a passion for these dogs (along with some of her Daughters).
The next is Merchaint Madens, I have joined their group and , If your interested, they are a great source to use to get your businesses Name OUT THERE! They are christian woman who
offer a great source of information to others who work from home!
Phallin, the owner of the Organic Nights website. She is also a lady who attends our church and (as I've mentioned before) is very excited about her Organic Store. She sales anything from Diapers , bedding, mattresses, and many other clothing and baby product including an organic diaper rash ointment for your baby's sensitive "exteriors"!
Lastly , NFO Surveys are a variety of surveys offered that you can participate in and get paid for!
I hope that maybe some of these can be of some help to ya'll and/or your friends!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Rachel,
What about a link to my website? I also sell beautiful dogs, remember?
I just had to give you a hard and I wanted to see if you even look at the comments! HA!