Sunday, October 22, 2006

Romantic endeavour....

OK, Ladies , I did it! i failed to be the sophisticated woman, the modern woman with
no desire to bow to the false impressions of what and who we woman
really are.......I subjected myself to FALSE ADVERTISEMENT!!!
I am going to,none other than, GLAMOUR SHOTS!
The place where woman can come out looking like a model(no matter what you started out as)
I got a coupon for FREE (of course) makeover, hairstyle , and 8x10!
How could I resist? This is my next romantic surprise for my hubby!
It cost me nothing ( we are tight on money right now) and it will be something tangible that I can use to flirt with him,ah, what fun >I get pampered for 3 hours.... AND I get to
let Jason enjoy ,"the fruits of my labor" (smile)!
Now, ....they said something about a RED sheet as being a possible wardrobe option
...........I will possibly never tell if I ever took them up on that!
(oh, I also made sure and I found out that there are only woman who work there! ha! ha!)
Honestly , I am somewhat nervous about this...i mean how fun and VAIN can you get!?
My only hopeful outcome is that Jay will really like the results.
I know that I will never look the same again! lol!


Jessica said...

I've always wanted to do that for Ryan too...let me know how it turns me or something!!!

Jessica said...
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Jessica said...

I posted the same thing twice so I deleted one...sorry Rach! Jessica