Monday, November 20, 2006

Hi, everybody...

I am very disturbed about some news I heard today and I can't stress enough ladies, that
we need to be soooo close to our Lord and Saviour!
If you ever run across a situation where someone is being mistreated and/or abused
CALL and do ALL that you can to help...don't let the Devil feed you with the lie that
it's not your business!!! Sometimes the people closest to the situation can't do Anything !
and they are praying for someone like you to stand up and help!
I know that that all sounds very cryptic and may not make sense, but don't forget to listen to that still small voice of God that is telling us to say or do or PRAY for someone or something!
PEOPLE are ALWAYS important enough to stick your neck out for! and if your family will get harmed by the helping of others then confide in your Pastor ,etc. and have them deal with the situation! their is always a way to help!
N-e-ways ....I'm sure that by now I have confused you , but with every story that jay and I hear about we become more and more disgusted with wickedness! It hurt deeply to hear about children being mistreated and marriages falling apart and ,..well, also marriages that are sticking it out when they shouldn't, for the sake of the children's safety!!! I know a lot of ya'll won't agree with me on this but I have met too many children who have grown up in a house where their parent has "abused" them(sexually) and under the guise of "submission" the woman stayed when they should have left! Meanwhile the children are scarred and full of bitterness ,hatred,distrust of Christians, FEAR, and ruined marriages! In the Bible Jesus talks very protectively of our children and made it
very clear that (Mark 9:42) that death is a better consequence than the consequences to someone that harms a child! I'm not even saying that their needs to be divorce in these situations but JAIL is definitely an option! When one Parent does the damage and the other one does nothing to prevent it then the child views them as one in the same! The true protector will completely remove the evil-doer from the situation , not just excuse it or try to remove the child from the situation(unless that is your only recourse)! I know that this is a tangent I went off on but i feel the need to say something ,especially when their are too many situations like this!
God despises wickedness in EVERY form but some wickedness affects others when some just concern yourself...ALL should be dealt with, but sometimes drastic measures need to be taken in order to protect your family! Remember we are suppose to be raising our children in a Godly Home and we are supposed to be teaching them Gods word and how in the world are they going to take that seriously when when the only Godly people they know are treating them bad and improper! It never hurt to be a little over protective, but it will always hurts (and with longer side -affects) if you don't take preventative measures. Even the people that you think to be the least likely to be WRONG , like missionaries,preachers,neighbors,and friends & family!
BE AWARE! and follow God's leading in ALL your decisions! PLEASE don't excuse your instincts......Being a Christian doesn't mean being blind! And because we aren't aware of all other people problems then it's best not to judge the concern of other never have heard what others have heard!


Amanda said...

Wow, Rach. I totally agree with you 100% - hands down, no questions asked. Always err on the side of caution when it comes to your children!! Just because someone goes to your church or you think you know them well, does not in fact make them a safe and honest person for your child to be around. ALWAYS trust your instincts - God puts that in us for a reason. Your child's well being is also way more important than hurting someone's feelings....We are responsible for our families - to keep them safe. Unfortunately these days the wickedness is running rampant - even secretly through our churches. How sad but true!! Watch over your children like Jesus watches over them. Know EVERYTHING about who they are with and what they are doing.

It's a very serious subject to keep in our minds...thanks Rach for the reminder of how important it is to keep our children safe and innocent. I'll be praying for you and whatever is going on that has you so bothered!! Love you!


Amber said...

AMEN!AMEN!AMEN! I can't say that enough girl! You don't ever know what is going on in a person's home until you find out to late or live in their shoes.
My theory is, b/c this happenen to me when I was a kid. And I STILL have a VERY hard time dealing with it, but I don't want to say too much about it I've tried to move on but it's still really hard for me. I've come along way though, only with God's help I know! It's very hard for me to leave my kids ANYWHERE, but with my mom, even family members, just can't do. B/c to me, family is the first you should always be concerned about b/c they don't think you'd EVER consider them!! And just b/c you're a christian, or say you're one doesn't mean you live like one at home...girl, I'm a witness to that one. Thanks for putting that out there!! Take care!
Love ya! Amber

Amanda said...

Hey Rach! I was going to post a Happy Thanksgiving back to you on your other post up there....but the falling pumpkins won't let me click on the comments.

Love you & miss you - hope you have a wonderful holiday...I love them too!

Talk to ya later!