Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Well, no new pics, but I'll make do.LOL

Hey, everybody,my Jay was feeling better until today and then started feeling horrid this morning...we'll see what happens.
Brooke is doing what Sean did last week and she slept all day!
and Sean was great until today and the ONLY symptom he has is Diarrhea!?
I think it's the weather...every time that the weather fluctuates A LOT then someone gets sick! *sigh*
I'm not going to do much today because I'm mostly caught up on everything and it's rainy outside and I'm have a "recouping Day"
Lounging,exercising,EATING, and movies..LOL
(along with school,breakfast,lunch,bathtime,naps,sickness,and everything else)
Hey, did I tell everyone that Dusty has finally reached the point where he has taught himself to get back down when he stands up to things!! YEAH!
this stage of " I've stood up and can't get back down" only last like 2 weeks but man, is it obnoxious when it happens in the middle of the night!
I love it when they learn to stand and LOVE it more when they sit back down!LOL
well, I'd better go for you all and I'll be hearing from you soon on another Blog! ;-)


mariescottage said...

Tell Brookie we hope she gets better soon and Grace prayed for her to get better!!! Phallin

Amber said...

Well I hope EVERYBODY get's better for you soon. It's NO fun to have a sick baby....LET ALONE A HUBBY!LOL...:) I think it's SO funny how we both don't want to give up ANY kind of foods to go on a diet!! ROFL!! That's just too funny girl. That's why I LOVE MY Pepsi jazz!! :) (when gavin and I see a pepsi truck we always yell, "we love your pepsi!") not that he can hear us but it's something fun we do! ttyl! *hugs* Amber

Jessica said...

hello there girley! I just wanted to let you know...I've been keeping up with my crazy weight ticker for you...I'm still trying to encourage you!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!

Kelly said...

Hope everyone is feeling better now! No fun when all of the littles are sick. God bless!

Rachel said...

Kelly, thanks so much for reading my Blog and commenting!