Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I know a few of you asked to see this ONE and ONLY glamour shot.......so here it is!
Not very glamorous but this is as good as it can get when I don't have a scanner to scan this picture.


Amanda said...

You are beautiful!! Lucky man, that Jason fellow!! hehehe

I doubt that glamour shots had to do much - when you have inner beauty, it tends to make you really look good on the outside too!!

Love ya!

Amber said...

Girl, I TRIED and TRIED to post a comment on here last night, but the stupid thing just wouldn't let me!

But WOW, aren't you just a pretty little thing! :) I bet your hubby really loved them. ttyl~ Amber

Amanda said...

Okay, Rach...I'm about to send out a search party - it's not like you to be absent so long...are you sick too? I hope not. Well, hope you had a great weekend and everything is going well with the kiddos. Talk to ya later...love you!


Amber said...

now Rach....I KNOW you're here b/c I talked to you on the phone the other day!! haha
So ...I'm thinking it's time for some new pictures on here girl! Hope you all are doing great!

Jessica said...

Very lovely picture girley! It has inspired me to try and do the same for my hubby!!!