Wednesday, December 06, 2006

OK I tried

I tried for y'alls sake, but blogger won't let me download pictures today.
I'll have to try later.
I would write a long letter but I have to get the kids ready and leave soon.
'Manda, I tried 3 times to post on your blog and I can't!!!!!
Is it me or is it Blogger world?????
Anyways I'll try again leter and then I'll tell you about my day!
Love you all!


Amanda said...

Sorry you couldn't post on my blog...I hope that doesn't last long. I was having trouble with it too today. I hope it is better now. Haven't checked yet.

Take care - ttyl.

Jessica said...

Hey girley!!! I'm so glad you said that about Amanda's won't even show up for me at all!!! I'm completely beside myself of what to do...all it shows is a big blank screen...I refresh and it shows that it's done, but it won't come up anymore. It's been doing that for the past couple days now! SORRY Amanda! I really have tried to come over and look at yours to comment. It won't let me! BOOHOOHOO!
OH Rachel...*ahem* I took your idea and ran with it on the picture thing. Except Ryan and I can't afford real pics right now, I had a couple girlfriend come over and we did a little photo session of our own and they're coming again next week to finish up!!! They come on days that Ryan has class...he doesn't know about it's his Christmas present surprise! If Jason won't check the email for an afternoon I'll send you one...they're not bad or anything...I would just rather you see it though...that is if you want to! One of the gals I had come over is a cosmetologist and the other was just my best friend who takes good pictures.'s so great having girlfriends like that. Talk to you later! Jessica word verification is that outloud! hahaha Sug-t-bux! That's hilarious...made me laugh!

Anonymous said...

ya know... I have always had a really hard time pulling up Amanda's Blog too, but always thought it was just my LOVELY computer being retarded!

-And jess that's a really neat ideal about the pictures! I'd love to see them too! ttyl! Amber