Monday, November 13, 2006

Well,I'm FOCUSED today. I'm planning on getting all the laundry done,
exercise, and complete Jess' school today. Jess also get to have lunch at McDonalds and have a sleepover at her friends to celebrate a birthday.
She is sooo excited!!!!
I get only 3 kids in the house's going to feel like an empty house!
My Hubby is sick know that this has been a very weird week;
first Sean get sick for less than a day and then I get sick for a week and now Jay is sick........I rarely get sick and same with Jay! The other kids (so far) have gotten by with NOTHING..... Weird , huh?!
How are ya'll doing? I haven't seen a lot of new post lately!?
I need some new ideas and tips for our "you-know-what" Blog! HINT! HINT!
Come on girls ...I know that you have it in ya.
Do something drastic!ha ha
Well, speaking of...I need to finish the laundry.
Love you all
By the way Thanks so much for all your prayers, Sean got better within hours of ya'll praying and that never happens that he's sick for such a short time!
Isn't the POWER of prayer awesome!


Anonymous said...

I'm here Rach! I try and always post something, IF MY COMPUTER WILL LET ME! Well, I'm proud of myself b/c I've been cleaning the house all morning and just got on here for the first time!!! :)

I don't mind doing laundry, but HATE folding it and putting it up!! Takes too much time! haha Brooklynn had a cold in her eyes, but they gave us drops and she's doing much better now.

Hope you get some housework done girl! Listen to some music, if you can hear it over your kids!! lol I know how that is, but I've already got christmas music playing here!! I LOVE IT, and CHRISTMAS!!!
ttyl! Amber

mariescottage said...

Did you ever post your glamour shots? I looked on the romantic blog but then one day the link for it was gone. Did Jay get to go to work???

Amanda said...

Hey just wanted to let you know, I've been praying for you and Jay! I hope you're feeling better today. I am hoping to call you today - would call now, but not sure what time ya'll get up. Don't want to wake you prematurely.... I'll call in an hour or so...

Talk to ya later! Love ya!

Amanda said...

Hey!! I just saw you posted on my blog. Do I need to call you? I'm home now, so if you still have a question you can call me.

Also, my headache is still a regular one, not a migraine yet. But still not gone. My back is better, though. Thank goodness.

YOU STILL NEED YAHOO MESSENGER!!! What's up with that??? Come on!
Talk to ya later- love ya!!

Amanda said...

Hey...sorry. I'm home again. I went out to eat with Chris, and Chad and Tracy. I think you could just leave it off for now and just take care of anything that comes up if necessary. Hopefully all will be well anyways.

Gotta get the kids to bed now. Talk to ya later!! Sorry I kept missing your calls!:(

Love ya!