Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Happy Birthday Dusty!

Well he didn't really know what to think of all this
OK...take that back.....he knew what to think of it all!
This STINKS!!!!! Momma, why can't I touch my candle???

Jess decided to show him a few reasons why he should enjoy his cake!
Is there anything left to be said!

I am so PROUD of Dusty...He is the only one of my munchkins to DIG into his birthday cake. The others hated to get dirty (which isn't a bad problem to have)!

Man, Dusty sure didn't take long to figure out the best way to devour his FOOD!

Good job baby doll!

Meet my Daddy!

I'll show y'all a better picture later, but Dusty is the spit'n image of his papaw!

Who happens to be very brave kissing a chocolate covered grand-baby!

Love you Papaw!

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Jessica said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSICA AND DUSTY!!! Hmm...seems kinda odd saying those names together like that when I'm not actually talking about myself and my brother! haha...how funny! Our own little namesakes! Hope they had wonderful birthdays!