Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Happy Birthday Jessica and Dustin!!!!!
We had all the kids try to draw the snowman's face and arms
while they were blindfolded!!
as you can tell.....they missed the mark...BIG TIME......except.....

My little snowman was the only child who drew the snowman within the snowman

Blindfolded!!!! WOW!!! I was sooo shocked! That's why I was laughing so hard

especially considering all the other kids were ages 4-7 except Sean and his cousin Alex!

Then we played Twister (for the first time ) and we got a little Twisted!

Sean really wasn't suppose to play but he kinda threw himself in the middle of the party!

This is a Brownie with an ELMO candle on top. This was Dustin's Birthday cake!

This was Jess' Birthday cake......Hello Kitty cake!
She had so much fun that the day was very worth it!


Anonymous said...

What cute b-day pictures! So he loves Elmo huh? That's what we did Gavin's 1st b-day in! Looks like you all had a real good time!
~ Amber ~

Jessica said...

VERY cute! That chocolate brownie looks TOO yummy!

Jessica said...

Oops!...I thought the other pics were posted seperately so I was going to go comment on the "draw the face on the snowman" ones when I realized...lol...it's all ONE post. Oh well...so now you have TWO comments from me! WOOHOO!!! I just LOVE the one of you and Sean! It's TOO adorable! You look so cute Rachel! I'm very impressed with Sean too, even though nobody should be surprised that he would be the one able to get the snowman right as only he should! =) What a great memory!